We help Singapore SMEs become more efficient and more profitable by optimizing their business processes and the cost of their operations. Our approach is based on a strong and close collaboration with our clients, from the initial definition of objectives to final implementation through tailored cost optimization solutions.


Cost Optimization and Profitability Improvement for SMEs

We improve your profitability through cost optimization

● You want to launch a company-wide cost savings program but you don't know where to start?
● You want to benchmark your costs but you don't have the time/resources/expertise internally to do it?
● You'd like to have the help of technical experts when negotiating with vendors?

Process Optimization and Productivity Increase for SMEs

We increase your productivity through process optimization

● Do you want to make your business more efficient and competitive?
● Do you need consultants to help you review and redesign processes?
● Do you want to optimise your resources?

Digital Transformation and Automation

We help you digitalise your business

● Do you want to understand which processes can be automated?
● Do you want experts assist you in selecting the right IT/Digital tool at the right price?
● Do you want to have leverage when negotiating with IT vendors?
● Do you need help to buy IT solutions you have never purchased before?

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Enterprise Singapore certified management consultant

Work with certified consultants

● We are certified, professional and ethical management consultants who possess Enterprise Singapore-recognised certification. SMEs applying for CDG/EDG support for consultancy-related costs must engage certified management consultants like us.
● Our expertise in Procurement and IT is backed by 2 other international certifications : MCIPS and ITIL Foundation.

Productivity Consulting for SMEs

Work with productivity improvement experts

● Thanks to CDG/EDG, just like MNCs, bring experts on board and benefit from professional, high standard and high impact consulting services.
● We have customised the tools and best practices developed when working with MNC clients, to suit the constraints and needs of local SMEs. Just get in touch with us to learn more about our proven track record of successful optimization projects.

Added value and ROI

Our down-to-earth value proposition 

● All our projects have a high return on investment.
● We may wear a suit but we get our hands dirty, our approach is always hands-on and pragmatic. We make recommendations and we implement them.
● We believe in being flexible and adaptable to our client’s needs.
● We ensure the results of our projects are sustainable.

Singapore local SME

We are a SME too

SMEs are at the heart of Singapore’s economy. Just like you, we are a local Singaporean SME. We understand the needs and challenges of local SMEs and we have a team specialized in SME Consulting. Support local business ah!