Leverage on our strong knowledge of the local market and procurement best practices to increase your company’s profit. Let us review, benchmark and analyse your expenses and show you how much you can save. Our multi-talented team can address all spend categories.


We optimize your DIRECT expenses

Direct Spend Cost Optimization

Direct spend refers to purchases of goods and services that are directly incorporated into a product being manufactured, or are goods for immediate resale. Examples include raw materials, subcontracted manufacturing services and retail merchandise.

Leverage on our strong global network of vendors and our deep understanding of manufacturing costing models: start saving now.


We optimize your INDIRECT expenses

Indirect Spend Cost Optimization

Indirect spend refers to purchases of goods and services that are not directly incorporated into a product being manufactured. Indirect spend includes all of the supplies that are necessary to run your organization. Examples include utilities, communications, facilities management, travel, marketing services, transport and logistics.
Leverage on our solid knowledge of the local market and our contract management expertise: start saving now.


We optimize your IT expenses

IT Spend Cost Optimization

IT spend refers to purchases related to the construction and maintenance of company-wide IT systems and IT services. Examples include IT hardware, software, licenses, data centers, cloud solutions, marketing-related IT applications (e-commerce, website…) and associated maintenance of third party services.

Work with our IT experts and start saving now.


Supplier Portfolio Rationalization Case Study

Supplier Portfolio

Cost Savings Case Study

2.7 Mi$
Cost Savings

Improved Quality of Service Case Study

Improved Quality
of Services


Retail group looking to increase its margin by reducing non-merchandise spend for all its subsidiaries in Singapore.


Optimal Cost worked hand in hand with the client for 12 months to reap significant cost savings, consolidate vendor portfolio and put in place a robust call for tender process.

➤ Procurement Maturity Diagnostic

➤ Cost savings simulation and road map

➤ Call for tender on 4 key indirect spend categories:
- Advertising
- Freight
- Printed Marketing Collaterals
- Packaging


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