Leverage on our proven track record of successful optimization projects to boost your company’s productivity. Let us review your processes and show you how to make them more efficient.
We primarily focus on 3 areas.

Procurement Process Optimization

We optimize your PROCUREMENT processes

Do you have robust procurement processes in place?

● If you don’t, fret not! We can help you set up processes customized to your needs that will increase productivity and traceability. We can help with sourcing strategy, supplier selection, call for tender, supplier performance monitoring and many more !

● If you are unsure, let us review and benchmark internal processes in place, we’ll run a procurement maturity diagnostic of your organization and tell you where we see opportunities for improvement. An external perspective will allow you to have an objective review of your current procurement processes and their performance.

● If you do, congratulations! Maybe it is time for you to further increase your productivity by automating your processes and start your e-procurement journey.

Manufacturing Process Optimization

We optimize your MANUFACTURING processes

Have you outsourced the production of your products?

● You haven't but you are thinking about it? We can help identify the right manufacturing partners in the right locations, in line with your supply chain strategy.
We will be supporting you from the definition of the objectives of their manufacturing strategy to the benchmark, selection and management of the manufacturing partner.
We will put in place the processes and the tools needed by your team in order to manage a healthy and fruitful relationship with your new contract manufacturer.

● You have! We can help review and benchmark the processes in place with your manufacturing partner such as: current commodity strategy, costing model, cost of goods sold negotiation and many more !

● Thinking of transferring your production? We can support and drive your team when the production is relocated from one manufacturing location to another for cost or other strategic reasons. We will focus on ensuring there is no disruption in the supply of raw materials and in the production of the finished goods.

IT Process Optimization

We optimize your IT processes

● We can help increase your IT team's productivity by working with them on streamlining their operations.

● We help you in the design of a pragmatic IT strategy to minimize your IT spend and ensure your core business processes are automated.

● We interact with your main IT vendors on your behalf to obtain significant discounts, leveraging on our strong knowledge of the Singaporean market and of solutions available to you.


250 pts

Of gross
profit margin increase

Manufacturing Lead Time Optimization

lead time optimization

Supplier Engagement Enhancement

engagement enhancement


Company in the electronics sector with manufacturing operations in China and Malaysia looking at optimizing its vendor management processes.


We worked with the clients to improve their relationship with their external vendors and put in place robust vendor management processes.

➤ Audit and improvement of global supply chain processes.

➤ Negotiation and management of the relationship with contract manufacturers in China and Malaysia.

➤ Negotiation and management of the relationship with raw material suppliers globally.


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