Leverage on new technologies and automation to increase your SME's productivity and reduce costs.

New Technology Process Automation

Master new technologies to automate your business processes efficiently

Nowadays there are so many different tools, technologies and IT services available, identifying what best suits your business can be quite daunting.
Our experts are always on the lookout for up and coming tools that really deliver value. We will identify the right tools for you and how to deploy them effectively to automate your business.

Digital Transformation for SME

Digitalize your business model and conquer new market shares

Operating Digital Transformation for SMEs can be just as challenging as it is for MNCs, and competition through digital channels is fierce.
Our Experts at Optimal Cost negotiate the best deals for you, and ensure that the tools and technologies that your business needs allows you to compete globally, complementing your existing offer.

Productivity Improvement

Increase your productivity through smart technologies

With competition both locally and internationally, it is paramount for SMEs to remain competitive and increase their productivity. Leveraging on new technologies to strengthen your services delivery can be a game changer.
We adopt a pragmatic approach and analyse the way your business is structured and operates, recommend and assist in deploying new technologies only when it makes sense financially.


Raised Awareness to Current IT-Setup Risks

Raised awareness
to current IT-setup risks

Team Trained to Procurement Best Practices

Team trained
to procurement best practices

Roadmap and Priority Definition

and priority definition


Singaporean SME in the financial sector lacking visibility on the criticality and scalability of its IT assets.


We conducted workshops with the senior management to understand their challenges and their strategy.

➤ Identify IT assets and IT Target Model.

➤ Perform contractual review of key IT providers & design recommendations.

➤ Lead workshops on Best Practices & short-term actions to be deployed.


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